List of Bills Narrows Greatly

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Legislative Session Rocking Along – List of Bills Narrows Greatly

clip_image002The 2017 Session of the Mississippi Legislature is rocking along, and with last week’s deadline now past for reporting bills out of committee, the list of bills has narrowed greatly – in fact, we now have the shortest list of active bills that we have had in years.

Pictured, the Senate Insurance Committee, chaired by Videt Carmichael of Meridian, takes up a few bills just prior to the deadline. An equally short list was passed by the House Insurance Committee as well, chaired by Gary Chism of Columbus. Both committees successfully defeated bills which were of concern to MASI – and for the leadership of these chairmen we are most grateful.

Another major deadline occurs later this week: Thursday, February 9 will be the deadline for each chamber to report general bills. The process will  begin all over again, with new committee deadlines and reporting deadlines in place for the second stage of consideration of bills that survive past Thursday.

Revenue bills fall under a later deadline… and we are hopeful that MASI’s Wellness Tax Credit will pass committees later this month.

As previously mentioned, the list of legislation has narrowed greatly since our last legislative report. Please scroll down for a current list of pending legislation.

MASI Helps to Preserve Workers’ Comp Second Injury Fund

clip_image004MASI is joining hands with the MS Workers’ Comp Commission to safeguard Mississippi’s Workers’ Comp Second Injury Fund. Swept into the General Fund last year by legislation to consolidate agency accounts, this trust fund which pays perm/total claims resulting from second injuries is no longer under MWCC oversight. Two bills are pending that will hopefully correct this dilemma: SB2625 and HB887.

Pictured are Dan Gibson, MASI Executive Director, and Beth Aldridge, MWCC Commissioner, meeting with Senate Appropriations Chairman Buck Clarke of Hollandale, and Senate Appropriations Committee Member Josh Harkins of Flowood. Gibson and Aldridge also met with House Appropriations Chairman John Reed who expressed his support.

Currently, neither bill addresses the Second Injury Fund directly. Work is taking place, however, to make sure it is added by amendment.

Chairman Jeff Smith Will Again Introduce MASI’s Workplace Wellness Tax Credit

clip_image006At left, MASI Executive Director Dan Gibson meets with House Ways and Means Chairman Jeff Smith, champion of MASI’s Workplace Wellness Tax Credit for the past three years. Chairman Smith has offered to again introduce the House version of the bill, which will provide $1 million in tax credits to encourage employers to offer wellness programs to their employees.

Last year, Chairman Smith led the House in passing the bill almost unanimously. We are hopeful that the Senate this year will concur in passing the bill. Scroll down for more information on Mississippi’s Workplace Wellness Tax Credit!

To visit the Legislative Homepage, click here. Scroll down to the bottom of this email for a listing of active bills.

DAN GIBSON — The workplace wellness tax credit – a win-win for Mississippi

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MASI’s Workplace Wellness Tax Credit – A Win Win for Everyone!

clip_image010The cornerstone of MASI’s 2017 Legislative Agenda is the Workplace Wellness Tax Credit, to allow $1 million in tax credits for employers who provide wellness programs for their employees. This is a Win-Win proposal for workers’ comp plans and health plans both! Rep. Jeff Smith and Sen. Joey Fillingane have both graciously agreed to file the bill again for MASI. We will post it as soon as it hits the legislative website. As a revenue bill, we will be facing a later deadline than general bills – and we will be sure to keep you posted on its progress.

To read talking points on MASI’s Wellness Tax Credit bill, CLICK HERE. To read SB2940, CLICK HERE. (We are still waiting to share the House version.)

To send an email expressing YOUR SUPPORT for MASI’s Wellness Tax Credit, CLICK HERE.

List of Bills MASI is Watching

Workers’ Comp Bills


Deposit of state agency special funds into the State General Fund; make technical amendments.
01/31 (S) Title Suff Do Pass Comm Sub



Health Insurance/ Health Related Bills

HB 909

State Health Plan; require to allow state employees to comparison-shop for elective medical procedures.
01/31 (H) Title Suff Do Pass Comm Sub




Income tax; authorize a credit for employers who pay the cost of a qualified wellness program.
01/30 (S) Referred To Finance



General Insurance Bills

HB 957

Insurance adjusters; revise licensing laws regarding.
01/31 (H) Title Suff Do Pass Comm Sub